The List

Here is a list of all the songs that have been song of the day here at 10kdays (tenkdays). The count is a little off, like 668 is missing and 1063 is a repeat but it all balances itself out, so that the current number is the right number:

Updated- 11/29/11

1 Sealings Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2 When You Were Young The Killers
3 Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches Rockstar Supernova
4 Monster Hospital Metric
5 Arthur’s Theme Fortywatt
6 Emergency Paramore
7 He-Man Ludacris
8 Dear Sons & Daughters of Hungry Ghosts Wolf Parade
9 Applesauce Baptism Those Meddling Kids
10 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Johnny Cashpoint
11 November Rain Guns & Roses
12 Le Monster My Favorite
13 Pontius of Palia Jucifer
14 I’m So Sick Flyleaf
15 Song With A Mission The Sounds
16 A Trigger Full of Promises Walls of Jericho
17 Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus
18 Nobody’s Fool Cinderella 
19 Punkrocker Teddybears f/ Iggy Pop
20 Black Wedding Lucidia
21 1000 Words Luke Henley
22 Before A Date With Emily Niveous
23 Little Wing Jonas Hellborg
24 Frannie sonofsupercar
25 Space Cheap Trick
26 Spiders System of a Down
27 Pillars Sunny Day Real Estate
28 Must Have Run All Day Glassjaw
29 Inertiatic ESP The Mars Volta
30 It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door UnderOATH
31 Mosquito Vanessa Paradis
32 Beautiful Joydrop
33 Don Miranda!
34 Dejame Gritar Kudai
35 Vermillion, Part 1 Slipknot
36 Vermillion, Part 2 Slipknot
37 Concentrate Xzibit
38 Sweet Temptation Lillix
39 Lids Salt
40 Miss Murder AFI
41 God Called In Sick Today AFI
42 No Revolution The Explosion
43 Candy Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson
44 Formalgyhyde Sons of Elvis
45 Backpack Gabby La La
46 And Fools Shine On Brother Cane
47 Oil + Water Majandra
48 Happy Birthday The Ramones
49 Walkie Talkie Man Steriogram
50 Four Leaf Clover Winger
51 I’m Ugly (and I don’t know why) Butt Trumpet
52 Atrevete-te-te Calle 13
53 Reinventing Axl Rose Against Me!
54 96 Better Beings CKY
55 Cosmia Joanna Newsom
56 Hey Sailor The Detroit Cobras
57 Gepetto Belly
58 Oh! Ematophobia! Showbread
59 Lips Like Morphine Kill Hannah
60 36 Degrees Placebo
61 Why? Annie Lennox
62 Coma White Marilyn Manson
63 One Shot Tin Machine
64 Everlasting Love Arisa
65 Another Day In The Life Toilet Boys
66 Loosey Goosey Made Out of Babies
67 Halah Mazzy Star
68 Sex (I am) Lovage
69 Confessions of a Broken Heart Lindsay Lohan
70 Unicorn in C Major Stuckey & Murray
71 Luckey Bif Naked
72 Zerospace Kidneythieves
73 Big Truck Coal Chamber
74 The End Team Heafy
75 Phantom Patriot Les Claypool
76 This Town Korn & Aimee Echo
77 Sing Dresden Dolls
78 Stickin’ It To The Man Tiny Masters of Today
79 Outside Paradise The Landstander
80 Future Sightings I Am The World Trade Center
81 Forever Young Youth Group
82 Voices Carry Til Tuesday
83 This Graceless Planet We Versus The Shark
84 Hunger City Cherry Bomb
85 Oi To The World No Doubt
86 Breathing Yellowcard
87 Steady as She Goes The Raconteurs
88 Mr. Prison Shanks Made Out of Babies
89 Howard Hughes Rasputina
90 Hello Taxi, Goodbye Sleep The 8mm Fuzz
91 Soupy George 7 Seconds of Love
92 Heart in A Cage The Strokes
93 Super Bad James Brown
94 Stupid Girl Cold
95 Honky’s Ladder The Afghan Whigs
96 My Sharona The Knack
97 Metalocalypse Theme Dethklok
98 Alaska Between the Buried and Me
99 A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh Celtic Frost
100 Like A Cat The Number 12 Looks Like You
101 Warhead Otep
102 Colony of Birchmen Mastodon
103 Hangar 18 Megadeth
104 I Could Care Less Devildriver
105 Meds Placebo
106 Ziggy Stardust AFI
107 Boys Better The Dandy Warhols
108 Sleepwalk Santos & Johnny
109 Break It Down The Chris Warren Band
110 Badstreet USA Michael Hayes
111 Wildside Motley Crue
112 Ride of Your Life Neurotica
113 Enemy Fozzy
114 My Elegy Leaves Eyes
115 Welcome to the Jungle Guns & Roses
116 Self Destruction Stop the Violence Movement
117 Circle Circle Dot Dot Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
118 She Cries Your Name Beth Orton
119 Somebody Help Me Full Brown Rose
120 Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand
121 I’m Going To See Serenity Dan Sehane
122 See How We Are X
123 Not About Love Fiona Apple
124 Never Take The Place of Your Man Kane
125 Pavlov’s Bell Aimee Mann
126 Sell Out The Halo Friendlies
127 The Tale of Brave Ulysses Cream
128 Planet Schmanet Anthony Stewart Head
129 Chinese Burn Curve
130 Teenage FBI Guided by Voices
131 It’s Nothing Ghost of the Robot
132 Followed The Waves Melissa Auf der Maur
133 The Number Pretty Girls Make Graves
134 F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. The Fall of Troy
135 Anna Pure
136 Pillars Glenn Case f/ Plat
137 Misery is a Butterfly Blonde Redhead
138 Queer Garbage
139 Sometimes Salvation The Black Crowes
140 Big Time Sensuality Bjork
141 Possibly Maybe Bjork
142 Never Is a Promise Fiona Apple
143 Disco Science Mirwais
144 Give It Away Red Hot Chili Peppers
145 Bleed Over Me Wicked Wisdom
146 No Culture Icons The Thermals
147 Anti Hero God Forbid
148 We Care A Lot Faith No More
149 Hell Bent Kenna
150 Tricycle Psapp
151 Six Songs Collide Norwegian Recycling
152 Neighborhood #2 (Laika) The Arcade Fire
153 Strawberry Gashes Jack Off Jill
154 City Noise Scarling
155 Glutton Emergency Pizza Party
156 Trouble Me 10,000 Maniacs
157 Baby’s Coming Back Jellyfish
158 Caroline Concrete Blonde
159 Aruca Medicine
160 Drool Switchblade Symphony
161 Relapsing Boys Night Out
162 Submarine Zinkline
163 Fall of Rome Nubsy
164 Tube Shaped Structures The Cow Exchange
165 Everything’s Better With Monkeys Hoosenbergler
166 Purple is the Colour of Machines Cynthia Size & the @eclectic spoons
167 Moth Citizen Six
168 Cracks in the Sidewalk Glenn Case
169 Marry Me Xe03
170 Baby, You Wouldn’t Last A Minute on the Creek Chiodos
171 Jude Law and a Semester Abroad Brand New
172 In the Mind of the Bourgeious Reader Sonic Youth
173 Build God, then we’ll talk Panic! at the Disco
174 Capsaicin Mostly Harmless
175 The Losers Warrior Soul
176 Patches Riddle Inn
177 SexyBack Rock Plaza Central
178 Heaven Help Me Deon Estus f/ George Michael
179 Come Dig Me Out Kelly Osbourne
180 Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace
181 I Know My Rights Roymond
182 Making Plans For Nigel XTC
183 Dear God XTC
184 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead XTC
185 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead Crash Test Dummies
186 The Mayor of Simpleton XTC
187 Senses Working Overtime XTC
188 Anybody Listening? Queensryche
189 I Will Remember Queensryche
190 Silent Lucidity Queensryche
191 I Am I Queensryche
192 The Eyes of a Stranger Queensryche
193 The Old Apartment The Barenaked Ladies
194 Behave Charlotte Hatherley
195 Blackout in the Red Room Love/ Hate
196 Prayers In This Moment
197 Ser Humano Natalia y La Forquetina
198 The Olde Headboard Rasputina
199 Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
200 High Feeder
201 What a Day Nonpoint
202 Windowlicker Aphex Twin
203 Living in Oblivion Anything Box
204 Human Nature Madonna
205 Dissolved by the Water All These Years Wax Audio
206 Natural One Folk Implosion
207 The Wreckoning Boomkat
208 Summer Shudder AFI
209 Efilnikufesin Anthrax
210 Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby Smash Mouth
211 Sleep Well Tonight Gene
212 People are People Stone the Crow
213 Sick To Death Atari Teenage Riot
214 Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley
215 Beast and the Harlot Avenged Sevenfold
216 Rock You Like A Hurricane The Scorpions and the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra
217 Torpedoes MDFMK
218 A Drug Against War KMFDM
219 Matador X-Mal Deutschland
220 Heavy Starry Chain Tommy heavenly6
221 Heirate Rammstein
222 Too Dead For Me Atari Teenage Riot
223 Suicide is Painless Manic Street Preachers
224 Afraid Motley Crue
225 Jesse Buy Nothing…Go To Prom Anyways Hellogoodbye
226 Backstabber Dresden Dolls
227 Yea Yeah Matt and Kim
228 Sister Rosetta (Capture the Spirit) The Noisettes
229 Black Metallic The Catherine Wheel
230 Pets Porno for Pyros
231 Backlash Joan Jett and the Blackhearts f/ Paul Westerberg
232 Return to Me October Project
233 It’s the End of the World as we know it (and I feel fine) R.E.M.
234 Super Mario Bros. Dirty Mix (OC) A Scholar & A Physician
235 Duality Bayside
236 Change For You The Midway State
237 Jesus Christ Brand New
238 Used To Love Her Guns & Roses
239 Hey Ya! The Boss Hoss
240 Vacation The Go-Go’s
241 Wasted Time Skid Row
242 N.G.S. Asian Kung-Fu Generation
243 Attack 30 Seconds To Mars
244 THC Groove The Bulletboys
245 Missed PJ Harvey
246 Party Like A Rock Star Da Shop Boyz
247 Ladylike Storm Large 
248 Naked Goo Goo Dolls
249 Meeting Paris Hilton Cansei de Ser Sexy
250 Stitches Orgy
251 Birdhouse in Your Soul They Might Be Giants
252 Hold Yr Terror Close The Go! Team
253 The Neverending Story The Birthday Massacre
254 The Donkey Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens The Discussion Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
255 Angels The Tea Party
256 500 (Shake Baby Shake) Lush
257 Cold Static-X
258 The Internet is For Porn Avenue Q
259 Tarantula Smashing Pumpkins
260 Cities in Dust Siouxsie & the Banshees
261 Whatever Our Lady Peace
262 Tones of Home Blind Melon
263 Aerials System of a Down
264 Mass Appeal Gangstarr
265 Thunder Nuttin But Stringz
266 Fourth of July Soundgarden
267 I’m Free The Soupdragons
268 Icky Thump The White Stripes
270 Street Spirit (Fade Out) Radiohead
271 Kouga Ninpouchou (the Theme From Basilisk) Onmyouza
272 Omoide in my Head Number Girl
273 Go!!! Flow
274 Hey My Friend Tommy Heavenly6
275 Simple and Clean Utada Hikaru
276 Inevitable Shakira
277 St. Elmo’s Fire John Parr
278 State of Love and Trust Pearl Jam
279 Breed Snake River Conspiracy
280 Three Small Words Josie and The Pussycats
281 Break Out Foo Fighters
282 Peace Bone Animal Collective
283 You Candlebox
284 Number One With A Bullet Faster Pussycat
285 The Ballad of Jayne L.A. Guns
286 King King’s X
287 What I Like About You Poison
288 Goth Girls MC Frontalot
289 Poor Brown Sugar The Black Diamond Heavies
290 You Know My Steez Gangstarr
291 Last Cup of Sorrow Faith No More
292 Doe Boy Fresh Three Six Mafia
293 Stronger Kanye West
294 Dangerous The Yin Yang Twins f/ Wyclef Jean
295 She is Glamorous DJ Lobsterdust
296 The Devil You Know Jesus Jones
297 Ichirin no Hana HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
298 Swarm Made Out Of Babies
299 Stay Shakespears Sister
300 Taking Back Control Sparta
301 Simple Kind Of Life No Doubt
302 Tell Me Where It Hurts Garbage
303 Trouble Coldplay
304 Song 2 Blur
305 Stand Inside Your Love Smashing Pumpkins
306 Empire Kasabian
307 Metal Mickie Suede
308 The Angry Mob The Kaiser Chiefs
309 The Man That You Fear Marilyn Manson
310 Hover Trust Company
311 Officer Kate Earl
312 Breakfast Club DJ Z-Trip
313 God’s Gonna Cut You Down Johnny Cash
314 Alone and Unaware Red Sparrowes
315 Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party Fear Before The March of Flames
316 What I Am Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
317 Brown Boxes The Spinto Band
318 45 Shinedown
319 Black Sevendust
320 Elephants Warpaint
321 Is it Cold? Marcus Kellis & the Legitimate Businessmen featuring Spud of #
322 That’s the Way Love Is Ten City
323 When the Eagle Cries Iced Earth
324 Between the Rain Hostess Mostess
325 Cage in a Cave Rasputina
326 Something to be Proud of Montgomery Gentry
327 Desperately Wanting Better Than Ezra
328 Universal Heart Beat Juliana Hatfield
329 iieee Tori Amos
330 Full Circle Aerosmith
331 Molly Sponge
332 P Control Prince
333 Keep Fishin’ Weezer
334 Kryptonite Three Doors Down
335 Rolling Star Yui
336 God Give Me Strength Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach
337 The End of Radio Shellac
338 Beautiful Disaster 311
339 Camisado Panic! at the Disco
340 German Cars Sarah Silverman
341 Division St. Thursday
342 Paparazzi Xzibit
343 The Heinrich Manuever Interpol
344 The Ghost of Stephen Foster Squirrel Nut Zippers
345 He’s a Tramp Peggy Lee
346 Dead Souls Nine Inch Nails
347 Growing up with GNR Aqueduct
348 Luna Park Anti-M
349 96 Better Beings Camp Kill Yourself
350 Now They’ll Sleep Belly
351 Cold Crossfade
352 Round of Blues Shawn Colvin
353 Sucked Out Superdrag
354 London Bridge Bowling for Soup
355 A Taste of Ink The Used
356 Hold On KT Tunstall
357 AYO Technology 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
358 Sworn and Broken Screaming Trees
359 Lean On Me Bill Withers
360 Waiting Room Fugazi
361 I Think I’m Paranoid Garbage
362 Life is a Highway Chris LeDoux
363 F.M. Business Seo Taiji
364 Norra El Norra Orphaned Land
365 Zetsubou Billy MAXIMUM the HORMONE
366 The Clown Wyvern
367 Lazy Bones W.I.T.C.H.
368 Attack of the Ghost Riders The Raveonettes
369 Moneymaker Rilo Kiley
370 Zuulun Night Train
371 Red Flag Billy Talent
372 Chicosci Vampire Social Club Chicosci
373 Thrash Unreal Against Me!
374 Nur Ein Wort Wir Sind Helden
375 The Man with the Shovel is the Man I’m Going to Marry To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie
376 This Charming Man The Smiths
377 Crying Scene Aztec Camera
378 Salvation The Cranberries
379 I Want Out Helloween
380 Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears For Fears
381 Bodies Smashing Pumpkins
382 Hey The Pixies
383 Seven Black Roses Chicosci
384 Aozora No Namida Hitomi Takahashi
385 Nephilim abingdon boys school
386 Hana No Na Bump of Chicken
387 Exosist The Candy Spooky Theater
388 Shinjitsu No Uta Do As Infinity
389 Nonsense (Is This a Good Song, Dad?) The Yellow Crayon is Missing
390 Kakato Naru Eastern Youth
391 Re: Channel Freenote
392 Kaneda Geinoh Yamashirogumi
393 Inside Head Phones President
394 Inoch mijikash koi seyo jinrui! Inugami Circus-Dan
395 Vuena Vista Jinn
396 Chimame Kana
397 Spirit Dreams Inside L’Arc~en~Ciel
398 Pulse Mad Capsule Markets
399 Hush Bell noodles
400 S.O.S. Oblivion Dust
401 Harusaki Sentimental Plastic Tree
402 Rangers A Fine Frenzy
403 Glare The Rodeo Carburettor
404 Daydream Believer Shonen Knife
405 GWB Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
406 Devil Inside Utada Hikaru
407 The Revenant Choir Versailles
408 Infra-Red Placebo
409 Arigato Wyolica
410 Stand By Me The Brilliant Green
411 Pearl The Yellow Monkey
412 Capricorn 30 Seconds to Mars
413 Distance Zeppet Store
414 The Deadbeat Club The B-52?s
415 Time Red Hot Chili Peppers
416 The Witch The Cult
417 Ten Story Love Song Stone Roses
418 Summer Charlotte Hatherley
419 Like Toy Soldiers Eminem
420 Miss World Hole
421 Neustart Nevada-Tan
422 Melody Inago Rider
423 Jesus for the Jugular The Veils
424 10 x 10 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
425 Crushcrushcrush Paramore
426 Your Little Hoodrat Friend The Hold Steady
427 Hi Psapp
428 Mr. Rehabside ToTom 
429 No One Else Abominominous
430 Evergreen Zinkline
431 All Mine Portishead
432 Waltz (Better than fine) Fiona Apple
433 Brite Side Deborah Harry
434 Birthday Cake Cibo Matto
435 Crack the Liars Smile Drain STH
436 Less Talk More Rokk Freezepop
437 Fears in the Water The Vincent Black Shadow
438 Shutterbug Veruca Salt
439 From This Day On The Hell Yeahs
440 The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson
441 Cosmia Joanna Newsom
442 Funeral for Yesterday Kittie
443 Judith A Perfect Circle
444 Gunt Made Out Of Babies
445 Path, Vol 1 Apocalyptica f/ Sandra Nasic
446 Because I’m Awesome The Dollyrots
447 Shores of California Dresden Dolls
448 Harden my Heart Quarterflash
449 Watch TV Rasputina
450 Alright, Alright The Sahara Hotnights
451 Iron Nipples Tits of Death
452 Caught Her Unwoman
453 Monsters and Angels The Voice of the Beehive
454 Get what you want Operator Please
455 Don’t Think I Don’t Miss You x-tokyo-river-god
456 Che.R.Ry Yui
457 The Nocturnal House Pretty Girls Make Graves
458 Shishi No Tane Jinn
459 Mandibles E-Town Concrete
460 Kill the Music Every Time I Die
461 Termites Hollow Grade
462 Cross Out The Eyes Thursday
463 Crossing the Rubicon The Human Abstract
464 Josie Blink 182
465 All Around Me Flyleaf
466 Fine Again Seether
467 Minerva Deftones
468 The Nobodies Marilyn Manson
469 Fallen Sarah McLachlan
470 Just Like A Pill Pink
471 Pagan Poetry Bjork
472 Romantic Death The Sun
473 I Wanna Have Some Fun Samantha Fox
474 Burning Up Madonna
475 Don’t Give Up The Noisettes
476 Bad Attraction prayformojo
477 Brian Wilson Barenaked Ladies
478 Life is Beautiful Sixx A.M.
479 Metalingus Alter Bridge
480 Wayfarer Kayo-Dot
481 Death Rides A Horse Russian Circles
482 Constructing Towers Isis
483 At Arm’s Length Mouth of the Architect
484 Ire Fire Made Out of Babies
485 Ash Like Snow The Brilliant Green
486 Modern Drummer Ungdomskulen
487 Dandelion Bump of Chicken
488 Solo Impala The Fashion
489 Confidence Man The Jeff Healey Band
490 Burn Baby Burn Ash
491 Now Def Leppard
492 Y’all Want A Single Korn
493 We are the Normal Goo Goo Dolls
494 I Know Jay-Z
495 C-Bomb Balance Lost
496 Dancing With The Misanthropes Johnny Cashpoint
497 Ease Up On The Drugs Ross Durand
498 Barracuda Rasputina
499 Alarm It’ll be a Breeze
500 Revenge of the Nerd Zinkline
501 501 Plain Songs for Doves and Tigers
502 Asterisk Orange Range
502 Ike Summer Orange Range
503 After Dark Asian Kung-Fu Generation
504 Libra Mucc
505 Special Force Nitro Microphone Underground
506 High Sons of all Pussys
507 Brand New Key The Dollyrots
508 Fantasy Final Fantasy
509 How Soon Is Now Snake River Conspiracy
510 With or Without You Utada Hikaru
511 Cry Me A River Lostprophets
512 Nobody’s Fool Cinderela
513 What it Takes Aerosmith
514 Joey Concrete Blonde
515 Touch Me The Doors
516 Ava Adore Smashing Pumpkins
517 Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider Of Montreal
518 The Truth About Cats and Dogs (is that they die) Pony Up!
519 Greedy Fly Bush
520 Megalomaniac KMFDM
521 Sweet Talk Dear and the Headlights
522 Nil by Mouth Blindspott
523 Auto Destruccion El Otro Yo
524 Every Generation’s got its own disease Fury in the Slaughterhouse
525 Pretty Scream Daisy
526 Lunar Eclipse Silver Ash
527 Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs) Dean Gray
528 My Irreplaceable DJ Lobsterdust
529 Ben is Chasing Beautiful Girls Norwegian Recycling
530 United States of Pop DJ Earworm
531 Rehab (Can’t Help Myself) Party Ben
532 Existential Baby Die So Fluid
533 Love Song Cruel Black Dove
534 Rainy Monday Shiny Toy Guns
535 Kids MGMT
536 Business Suits and Combat Boots The Agonist
537 House in my Head Rachael Layne f/ Glenn Case
538 Valerie Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse
539 Toxic Local H
540 Strawberry Fields Forever Candyflip
541 Wild Horses The Sundays
542 Don’t Be Cruel Bedtime For Toys
543 Dead Horse Guns and Roses
544 Headspin Rockstar Supernova
545 River of Deceit Mad Season
546 Some Like It Hot The Power Station
547 On March The Saints Down
548 US Placers Child Rebel Soldiers
549 Dirty Harry Gorillaz
550 Heavenly Star Genki Rockets
551 Mighty KC Foo Fighters
552 Murmaider Dethklok
553 Ziggy Stardust David Bowie
554 Blame it on the Rain Milli Vanilli
555 One Metallica
556 Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant
557 Games without Frontiers Peter Gabriel
558 Four Leaf Clover Catherine
559 5/4 Gorillaz
560 Danger! High Voltage Electric Six
561 The Girl You Lost To Cocaine Sia
562 Volcano Girls Veruca Salt
563 Echoplex Nine Inch Nails
564 Black Pearl Jam
565 11:11 Film School
566 Grandfather The Number Twelve Looks Like You
567 Coffee and TV Blur
568 That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy The Twilight Sad
569 I Don’t Like The Drugs (but the drugs like me) Marilyn Manson
570 A Little Less ‘Sixteen Candles’, A Little More ‘Touch Me’ Fall Out Boy
571 Trapped in the Wake of a Dream Mudvayne
572 18 & Life Skid Row
573 19th Nervous Breakdown The Rolling Stones
574 How Far We’ve Come Matchbox Twenty
575 Twentyone Marry Me Jane
576 John the Revelator Depeche Mode
577 23 Blonde Redhead
578 Cooker Made Out of Babies
579 Sweet Child of Mine Taken by Trees
580 Disconnected Die So Fluid
581 Harder Than You Think Public Enemy
582 Texas Diode
583 Stranger than Fiction Bad Religion
584 Clouds Over California Devildriver
585 Hold Back the Day Devildriver
586 Malibu Hole
587 Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers
588 No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne
589 For the Workplace, Drowning Thursday
590 Misstake HorrorPops
591 Keep Forgetting The Cinematics
592 Come as you are Nirvana
593 The Good Life Weezer
594 Up All Night Slaughter
595 Fire Woman The Cult
596 Push Button Stolen Babies
597 Wartime! (It’s Time 2 Go Now) theStart
598 Medals Halves
599 Touch Up Mother Mother
600 Tanks of Bethlehem Pretty the Quick Black Eyes
601 This Fire Burns Killswitch Engage
602 Just Dance Lady GaGa
603 Handlebars Flobots
604 Heck No! Maldroid
605 Becky Be Your Own PET
606 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me U2
607 Aenema Tool
608 Oh My God Mark Ronson f/ Lily Allen
609 Big Wheel Tori Amos
610 Pure Morning Placebo
611 Astronaut Amanda Palmer
612 I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself The White Stripes
613 Zero Smashing Pumpkins
614 Been Caught Stealing Jane’s Addiction
615 The Kelly Affair Be Your Own PET
616 Stiff Kittens Blaqk Audio
617 Supreme Evil Go Home Productions
618 Sober Kelly Clarkson
619 No Way Out Stone Temple Pilots
620 I Wanna Be Adored Stone Roses
621 I Quit Hepburn
622 Stranded Alien Ant Farm
623 Bohemian Like You The Dandy Warhols
624 This is a Call Foo Fighters
625 M4 (Part II) Faunts
626 Mr. Personality Gillette
627 Invisible Ink Made Out of Babies
628 Ridiculous Thoughts The Cranberries
629 1979 Smashing Pumpkins
630 Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover Sophie B. Hawkins
631 These Things She Wants Revenge
632 Impetus Clutch
633 The Mob Goes Wild Clutch
634 Shut Up and Let Me Go The Ting Tings
635 She’s Your Cocaine Tori Amos
636 A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds To Mars
637 Suddenly it’s a folk song We versus the Shark
638 Home Iggy Pop
639 Ragdoll Aerosmith
640 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) The Doors
641 O2 Orange Range
642 Hikari No Rock (Rock of Light) Sambomaster
643 Mona Lisa Buck-Tick
644 Bikini. Sports. Ponchin. Maximum the Hormone
645 Konayuki (Powder Snow) Remioromen
646 Bye Bye Mr. Mug The Brilliant Green
647 A Venomous Tale The Bastard Fairies
648 Ashes to Ashes Faith No More
649 The Ghost at Number One Jellyfish
650 The Only One The Cure
651 Lazarus Sophie Solomon f/ KT Tunstall
652 Criminal Fiona Apple
653 Who Is It Bjork
654 Strangled Snake River Conspiracy
655 Sugarbaby Morningwood
656 Caught A Lite Sneeze Tori Amos
657 Running Up That Hill Within Temptation
658 Oh My God Guns & Roses
659 Cosy in the Rocket Psapp
660 Carry On My Wayward Son Kansas
661 Suffocate Me Angelfish
662 Never There Cake
663 Fake It Seether
664 The Day That Never Comes Metallica
665 Grimace Made Out of Babies
666 It’s Fun To Smoke Dust DJ Lobsterdust
667 Goliath The Mars Volta
669 What it is to Burn Finch
670 A Grand Scene For A Color Film Norma Jean
671 I Will Survive Action Camp
672 She Likes Big Words Deadsy
673 Keep Talking Pink Floyd
674 All is Full of Love Bjork
675 No Myth Michael Penn
676 Tonight Tonight Smashing Pumpkins
677 Misery Business Paramore
678 Right Now Van Halen
679 So What Pink
680 mOBSCENE Marilyn Manson
681 Without A Trace Soul Asylum
682 A Long December Counting Crows
683 Don’t Cry Guns & Roses
684 Drowning Crazy Town
685 Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Jack Johnson
686 Raise Kaiko Onmyouza
687 Drain the Blood The Distillers
688 The Wicker Man Iron Maiden
689 Remedy Seether
690 Wordplay Jason Mraz
691 Jurassitol Filter
692 Night Reconaissance Dresden Dolls
693 Damage I’ve Done The Heads f/ Johnette Napolitano
694 Bodies The Sex Pistols
695 Express Yourself N.W.A.
696 Touch Me The Doors
697 That’s Not My Name Dizzie Rascal
698 Gold Dust Woman Hole
699 Twist in my Sobriety Dreadful Shadows
700 Got The Time Anthrax
701 Disarm 16 Volt/ Spahn Ranch
702 Beautiful Girls Sean Kingston
703 Jesus was a Democrat Everclear
704 Drain You Nirvana
705 Reach Out (I’ll Be There) The Four Tops
706 Closer to the Truth Cryoshell
707 If I Was Your Vampire Marilyn Manson
708 Like A Drug They Eat Their Own
709 Cigarettes Russian Red
710 Cannon Self
711 L.E.S. Artistes Santogold
712 Hoops Ruby
713 The ’59 Sound The Gaslight Anthem
714 The Thunder Rolls (live in Central Park) Garth Brooks 
715 Falling Snow Agalloch
716 Dirty Frank Pearl Jam
717 March of the Wolfmasters/ Violet Stars Happy Hunting Janelle Monae
718 Vampiregirl 9mm Parabellum Bullet
719 Happy Hallowe’en Die So Fluid
720 Living in America James Brown
721 The Adventure Angels and Airwaves
722 Vote Baby Vote Deee-Lite
723 Seattle The BPA f/ Emmy the Great
724 Under the Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers
725 The Hell Song Sum 41
726 Evil Interpol
727 Champion Kanye West
728 Alfie Lily Allen
729 She’s A Carrot Sifl & Olly
730 So Alive Love & Rockets
731 Nancy Boy Placebo
732 Mea Culpa Enigma
733 Not Enough Time INXS
734 Black Hole Sun Soundgarden
735 Doctor, Doctor Thompson Twins
736 Dream On Aerosmith
737 A Favor House Atlantic Coheed and Cambria
738 Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance
739 Bliss Tori Amos
740 Somewhere Out There Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys
741 Global Warming Vermillion Lies
742 Bottom of the Lake The Builders and the Butchers
743 Leeds United Amanda Palmer
744 Half Jack Amanda Palmer f/ Lyndon Chester
745 Venus in Furs Velvet Underground
746 Never Gonna Stop (the Red Red Kroovy)  Rob Zombie
747 The Ghost of Tom Joad Rage Against The Machine
748 Cult of Personality Living Colour
749 You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring
750 Weird Science Oingo Boingo
751 Texan Book of the Dead Clutch
752 Face to Face Siouxsie & the Banshees
753 The Days of the Phoenix AFI
754 Rockopolousaninjananophone Eternal- The Visnu Cycle Frankie and the Falangists
755 Sun Doesn’t Rise Mushroomhead
756 Rose K Rasputina
757 Deuce KISS
758 Lyudi Invalidy (Dangerous & Moving) t.a.T.u.
759 Before I Forget Slipknot
760 G.L.O.W. Smashing Pumpkins
761 1,000,000 Nine Inch Nails
762 List of Demands (Reparations) Saul Williams
763 I Miss Those Days (Ghost) Mixi
764 Reckoner Radiohead
765 Rise and Fall The Agonist
766 Chain Head Phones President
767 Gravedigger Willie Nelson
768 Oi to the World The Vandals
769 Tsumetai Hana The Brilliant Green
770 Dear Jenny Dresden Dolls
771 Interesting Times Billy’s Little Trip f/ Paco del Stinko
772 Guns of Brooklyn Santogold
773 Kiss My Sass Cobra Starship
774 American Baby Dave Matthews Band
775 Bunny Boots Made Out of Babies
776 Say “I Gotta Believe” De La Soul f/ Double
777 Science Genius Girl Freezepop
778 Complicated Avril Lavigne
779 Stellar Incubus
780 I.V. X-Japan
781 Female of the Species Space
782 Turpentine Brandi Carlile
783 Save My Life Xandria
784 Moonlight Lark
785 Police Police Young + Restless
786 Green Grass Cibelle
787 Papermoon Tommy heavenly6
788 Not in Rivers, But in Drops Isis
789 Get Ur Freak On Missy Elliott
790 A Problem of Perspective Merisan
791 Little Fluffy Clouds The Orb
792 Storm the Reality Asylum Rip Rig & Panic
793 When Worlds Collide Powerman 5000
794 The Globe Big Audio Dynamite II
795 Girl Anachronism Dresden Dolls
796 A&E Goldfrapp
797 Toe Jam The BPA f/ David Bryne & Dizzee Rascal
798 Jerk It Thunderheist
799 Black Mirror The Arcade Fire
800 Pork & Beans Weezer
801 Joy Scissors Pumpkin Buzzard
802 So. Central rain R.E.M.
803 Fed Up House of Pain
804 Sunshine Aerosmith
805 Joy & Pain Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
806 Elegy for Industry Abominominous
807 Bizzaro Genius Baby MC Frontalot
808 Buffalo Made Out of Babies
809 Turpentine Project-D
810 Test Confessional Die So Fluid
811 3 Libras A Perfect Circle
812 Shake Your Blood Probot
813 Level The Raconteurs
814 The Living Years Mike & the Mechanics
815 The Day Brings Brad
816 Walking the Border Octothorpe
817 Sober Pink
818 Someone to Love Fountains of Wayne
819 Sweet About Me Gabrielle Cilmi
820 Thunderball Tom Jones
821 Tomorrow Never Dies Sheryl Crow
822 Nobody Does It Better Carly Simon
823 Goldfinger Shirley Bassey
824 The World is Not Enough Garbage
825 Animal Pearl Jam
826 Warped Red Hot Chili Peppers
827 The King is Half Undressed Jellyfish
828 Falling in Love (is so Hard on the Knees) Aerosmith
829 White, Discussion Live
830 Stacked Actors Foo Fighters
831 Ghost Town Cheap Trick
832 Chasing Pavements  Adele
833 High Enough Damn Yankees
834 Unretrofied Dillinger Escape Plan
835 Fell on Black Days Soundgarden
836 Colour Me Once The Violent Femmes
837 Somebody Somewhere Korn
838 Fire in the Twilight Wang Chung
839 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head BJ Thomas
840 Whole Flaw
841 Sick of Myself Matthew Sweet
842 Life in Mono Mono
843 Apple Pie The Bastard Fairies
844 I Will Survive Cake
845 Reverend Black Grape Black Grape
846 Rock Show Peaches
847 Apple Pie White Trash
848 Big Bang Baby Stone Temple Pilots
849 Stars Hum
850 Life Begins Again The Jimmy Chaberlin Complex
851 Animal (Fuck like a Beast) W.A.S.P.
852 Suffocate Cold
853 Going Home Dinosaur Jr.
854 Capillarian Crest Mastodon
855 And Hope To Die Wall of Jericho
856 Soul to Squeeze Red Hot Chili Peppers
857 Condemnation Depeche Mode
858 Heart Like A Wheel Human League
859 Horses Patti Smith
860 Packt like Sardines in a Crushed Box Radiohead
861 Cheek to Cheek The Sahara Hotnights
862 I Write Sins Not Tragedies  Panic! at the Disco
863 Sweet Sacrifice Evanescence
864 Burn It All Down VHS or Beta
865 Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect The Decemberists
866 Burning Pile Mother Mother
867 Immortal Adema
868 California Sky Unwritten Law
869 That’s When I Reach For My Revolver Mission of Burma
870 The Key to Gramercy Park Deadsy
871 I Disappear Metallica
872 Voices of Babylon The Outfield
873 Like The Weather 10,000 Maniacs
874 Word Up! Gun
875 Losing My Religion R.E.M.
876 Toxic Waltz Exodus
877 Bull in the Heather Sonic Youth
878 You Make Me Sick Egypt Central
879 Zero Yeah Yeah Yeahs
880 Total Eclispe of the Heart Hurra Torpedo
881 Night of the Crickets Mr. Gnome
882 The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in the World Courtney Love
883 Backstabbers The O’Jays
884 My Curse Killswitch Engage
885 Don’t Know What Ya Got Til It’s Gone Cinderella
886 Wrong Depeche Mode
887 Right On Track Breakfast Club
888 Talk It Over Grayson Hugh
889 Evening Wear Mindless Self Indulgence
890 It’s On Korn
891 This Isn’t It Giant Drag
892 Head Over Heels The Go-Go’s
893 One Step Beyond Madness
894 Hello Dirty Little Rabbits
895 Far Behind Candlebox
896 March of the Half Babies Triclops!
897 While the City Sleeps MC 900 Ft. Jesus
898 Panic Switch Silversun Pickups
899 Nobody Hears Suicidial Tendencies
900 Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge
901 Echinacea  Bell
902 Real Real Real Jesus Jones
903 How To Get Bigger Made Out of Babies
904 The Bishop Battle of Mice
905 Kodachrome Ginger Sling
906 Cut Your Ribbon Sparta
907 Thank You Dido
908 The Winner The Crystal Method
909 Temple of Dreams Messiah
910 Poison Pill Raised by Wolves
911 State of Emergency The BeWells
912 Black Gold Soul Asylum
913 Water From The Same Source Rachel’s 
914 Suffer the Children Napalm Death
915 Metropolis  The Church
916 Marathon Kayo Dot
917 Hero of the Day Metallica
918 Bitter Jill Sobule
919 Rise Flobots
920 The 20th Century Was Mine Fear Before The March of Flames
921 What Would You Say Dave Matthews Band
922 Spartan X (Mitsuhara Misawa theme)  
923 Headed For A Heartbreak Winger
924 Humans Being Van Halen
925 Earthquake Little Boots
926 Bluster Salt
927 Battle for the Sun Placebo
928 For What It’s Worth Placebo
929 Kitty Litter Placebo
930 Ashtray Heart Placebo
931 The Never Ending Why Placebo
932 Wouldn’t It Be Good Nik Kershaw
933 Leave Me Alone Michael Jackson
934 Hang You From The Heavens The Dead Weather
935 Book of the Month Lovage
936 Flash Queen
937 Somebody’s Gonna Get It Three 6 Mafia
938 Dorchester Hotel The Sounds
939 When We Was Fab George Harrison
940 A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton
941 Again Yui
942 JAP abingdon boys school
943 Somebody’s Watching Me Bedtime For Toys
944 Parabola Tool
945 People Got A Lotta Nerve Neko Case
946 Oh My God Ida Maria
947 Aisle 10 (hello Allison) Scapegoat Wax
948 The Reeling Passion Pit
949 What You  Don’t Know Jonatha Brooke
950 Weak Enemy of the Sun
951 Aspirations Between the Buried and Me
952 I’m Comin’ Home Cheeseburger
953 You Ain’t No Family iwrestledabearonce
954 Spellbound Lacuna Coil
955 Crank Dat I Set My Friends On Fire
956 Careless Whisper Seether
957 Sell Your Body to the Night Turbonegro
958 Policeman Benz Maximum the Hormone
959 Kuso Breakin nou Breakin Lily Maximum the Hormone
960 The Brave/ Agony Applause Deadlock
961 Forever Young Alphaville
962 When I Grow Up Mayday Parade
963 Torando of Souls Megadeth
964 Don’t You Forget About Me Simple Minds
965 The Circle Max Carl
966 Oh, the Boss is Coming Arkells
967 Brackish Kittie
968 The Widow The Mars Volta
969 Wake Up The Living End
970 Sixteen No Doubt
971 Bury Me Alive We Are The Fallen
972 What New York Used To Be The Kills
973 Call Me In This Moment
974 Hanging on the Telephone Blondie
975 Heart of Glass Blondie
976 Shout The Interpreters
977 Broken New York Loose
978 Pixy Sybil Vane
979 Take Me Anywhere School of Fish
980 She Wolf Shakira
981 When 3 is 2 Hammerbox
982 Rain An Emotional Fish
983 Bye Bye Babylon Cryoshell
984 1979 Honeyhoney
985 Fragile Sting
986 Digging Your Scene The Blow Monkeys
987 Little Toy Gun Honeyhoney
988 Reptilectric Zoe
989 Swallowed Bush
990 Shadowboxer Fiona Apple
991 Desperate Times, Desperate Measures UnderOATH
992 Fuck You Lily Allen
993 Don’t Let Me Down The Beatles
994 Cave Muse
995 Get Here Oleta Adams
996 Blurry Puddle of Mudd
997 4 Minutes Madonna & Justin Timberlake
998 Too Much Too Young Too Fast Airbourne
999 Thank You Pain The Agonist
1000 People Who Died The Jim Carroll Band
1001 Bloodlines Dethklok
1002 Leaving on a Jet Plane Peter, Paul & Mary
1003 I Became A Prostitute The Twilight Sad
1004 Glastonbury Song The Waterboys
1005 Umiyuki Jero
1006 Sleep to Dream Fiona Apple
1007 Fett’s Vette MC Chris
1008 Shinyu Yo Shonan No Kaze
1009 Mr. Roboto Mose Giganticus
1010 Dead My Chemical Romance
1011 Coming Home Cinderella
1012 When the Body Speaks Gemini Five
1013 Crank the Walls Down Maylene & the Sons of Disaster
1014 Party in the U.S.A. Miley Cyrus
1015 Smuggled Mutation Estradasphere
1016 C30 C60 C90 Go Bow Wow Wow
1017 Everybody Wants To Rule The World Glenn Case
1018 A Little Faster There For Tomorrow
1019 Letters From The Sky Civil Twilight
1020 Mama I’m Coming Home Ozzy Osbourne
1021 Coin Operated Boy Amanda Palmer & Estradasphere
1022 Gazillion Ear MF Doom
1023 The New Zero Rasputina
1024 All We Need is a Dream Cheap Trick
1025 Treat Em Right Chubb Rock
1026 Lovergirl Teena Marie
1027 Song 46 Goes Cube
1028 Beggars & Hangers Ons Slash’s Snakepit
1029 Soft Serve Soul Coughing
1030 Veronica Sawyer Smokes AFI
1031 Cry Little Sister Aiden
1032 Paparazzi Lady GaGa
1033 This is Fake DIY Bis
1034 Smash the Control Machine Otep
1035 Otona No Susume Dohatsuten
1036 C’est La Vie Robbie Nevil
1037 Fire Water Burn The Bloodhound Gang
1038 A Stroke of Genius Freelance Hellraiser
1039 No Taylor, No Scar Norwegian Recycling
1040 Stardust Kids A Plus D
1041 Born in a Bad Place Wax Audio
1042 Dr. Who on Holiday Dean Grey
1043 Medicate AFI
1044 Man The Bird & The Bee
1045 John El Esquizofrenico Calle 13
1046 Cut Like A Buffalo The Dead Weather
1047 MIA Emmy the Great
1047 Funky Dividends Three Times Dope
1048 We Care A Lot Faith No More
1049 Bad Romance Lady GaGa
1050 Die Slow Health
1051 Birds Fly The Icicle Works
1052 What’s This Flyleaf
1053 Poker Face Lady GaGa
1054 Almost Easy Avenged Sevenfold
1055 Snuff Slipknot
1056 Something is Not Right With Me Cold War Kids
1057 I Don’t Wanna Grow Up The Ramones
1058 Heads Will Roll Yeah Yeah Yeahs
1059 According to You Orianthi
1060 Edge of a Broken Heart Vixen
1061 You’re Going Down Sick Puppies
1062 Hero Skillet
1063 A Grand Scene For A Color Film Norma Jean
1064 Cry Little Sister Seasons After
1065 One Out of Ten Sister Sin
1066 Hook Blues Traveler
1067 Out Of Our Minds Melissa Auf der Maur
1068 No Light 3rd Strike
1069 Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too Say Anything
1070 Saints The Breeders
1071 Rockaway Beach The Ramones
1072 Can’t Stand Losing You The Police
1073 I Just Can’t Be Happy Today The Damned
1074 Ace of Spades Motorhead
1075 Young Turks Rod Stewart
1076 Pass the Dutchie Musical Youth
1077 Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol
1078 Dress You Up Madonna
1079 Widowmaker W.A.S.P.
1080 Peace Sells Megadeth
1081 Kick INXS
1082 Way Cool Jr. Ratt
1083 Janie’s Got A Gun Aerosmith
1084 Close to Me (Closer Mix) The Cure
1085 Only Shallow My Bloody Valentine
1086 Bombtrack Rage Against The Machine
1087 Shame on a Nigga Wu Tang Clan
1088 The Man Who Sold The World Nirvana
1089 Heaven Beside You Alice in Chains
1090 Christiansands Tricky

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